How can I place an order?

Place an order is really easy, you only need to go to  LABELS page and select between the different options, like size, shape, number of units or background color. Either you can attach your own design, full color or just the company logo, or you can leave us a comment with the text you want to be displayed in your labels.

Once all the options are selected you only have to confirm your order and wait for the confirmation email.

Can I order labels with just my logo?

Of course, we have a graphic design team who will be happy to work with your logo. When you attach your logo, please include as much information as you can about it such as the range of colors (PANTONE if any), scales and proportions, additional text, textures ...

How would you prefer my design to be supplied?

You can attach your design on almost any format, offering an affordable service for both beginners and experts in design. Just send us your logo or design with the best quality and we will produce the best possible outcome. The formats we work with usually are CDR, AI, EPS, PDF, PSD, but we can open any other file type.

In the event that you send us a file that can not be opened or does not have enough quality we will contact you. If you have questions you can contact our team here.

Can I select metallic background ?

Yes, we can make your label with any texture as background color, whether metallic colors, wood or textile imitation.

What information do you need to place an order?

• Contact information (Personal information, shipping and billing address, email address and telephone number)

• Amount requested
• Label size
• Shape (rectangle, square, circle, oval)
• Background color (smooth, textured, metallic ...)

How much are the shipping costs?

Labels orders have multiple choices of delivery options...

Is there any extra expense or design fees?

DomeSpain work with no hidden fees. In order to maintain a simple process all you pay is the cost of labels, shipping cost and VAT. That means no fees or setup fees or extra charges.

How much are the domed labels?

Our prices are based on quantity. Therefore, the more you buy, the cheaper the price of each label. You can visit the LABELS page and check the final price once you select the different options.

How can I pay for my labels ?

You can pay your labels with any of the following options:

• Credit / Debit Card
• Bank transfer
• Paypal

What part of the order the payment is made?

Payment is requested just before the end of the order process. Once this is finished you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase with all the details.

How long are delivery times?

DomeSpain works upon order requests, we are constantly trying to improve our delivery time. Actually in orders of 15,000 labels delivery time is 7 working days. In case you need your labels in less time you can select the option of express courier, reducing delivery time. If you have questions about your order do not hesitate to contact us here.

Do you have minimum order?

The minimum order is 25 domed labels.

Are the labels resistant to scratches?

Our decals are made with a scratch-resistant resin. Not only is the scratch proof coating, but also provides protection against UV rays. This protection helps keep your logo bright without fading, retaining each of the colors of your design.

How are labels printed?

In DomeSpain we digitally print using high resolution 4 colour process onto the background colour of your choice. If you have questions about the printing process please contact our team through this contact form.

How are labels supplied?

Our labels are supplied usually in A4 format, placed on a surface easy to peel and store.